Have some pressing questions for our membership? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Membership Related Questions:

Can I pay with Bitcoins/Ethereum?

Currently we do not offer that option due to extreme fluctuations of the currency. Once it has settled, we’ll consider adopting either Bitcoins/Ethereum as our secondary payment method.

How do I cancel my Membership?

Drop us a message and we’ll handle accordingly. Be sure to leave both your account username plus the associated PayPal email you used to pay for your membership.

Can I have a refund?

No. All sales of intangible goods are FINAL and non-refundable. Besides, all of these courses we provide are solid enough for you to EASILY make a return on your investment.

If you’re unable to achieve that much, then we suggest you to give up on making money online altogether and just look for a traditional job.

The Page says $45.99 but the payment page says $99...

$45.99 refers to the trial pricing for the first year. Once your first year is up, you will pay $99 to automatically continue with your second year.

Is there a trial membership?

No. We know how the leecher game works. If you don’t what we’re talking about here. Good for you, you’re legit and you don’t have to bother with this FAQ 😀 Just know that it is likely that we won’t be offering a Trial subscription anytime soon.

Can I share my Membership?

No. We have a system in place to prevent that.

Content Related Questions:

Does your site provide LEAKS only?

Yes. Our core content basically revolves around leaks that are publicly/privately found through board/forums, websites and etc. Our goal is to gather all the useful LEAKS in one place and share them to the public.

Why do you only charge $45.99 when there is a plethora of Content?

That is our introductory offer.

What are IM Offers?

Our goal of IM Offers is to bring large courses to you at an affordable price. Certain courses that has higher demand will qualify as an IM Offer.

Is it possible for me to download a particular item only?

Currently no. In the future we might consider an implementation for you to do just that. IM offers are an exception to this rule as we offer singular downloads in exchange for a small payment.

How often do you update this website?

Every single day. 2 times a day. Our offering range from courses, to WordPress Themes and plugins and your occasional money making ideas, tips as well as instructions.

That is what we try to abide by but do understand that there will be downtime occasionally due to us being busy.

It is also recommended that you read our Terms Of Service.